paul j mila - dangerous waters



1. Dangerous Waters

2. Whales' Angels

3. Fireworks

4. Near Miss

5. Killer in Paradise

6. Fugitive In Paradise


Larry Loggerhead Travels to the Sea Turtle Hospital

Gracie Green Turtle
Finds Her Beach

Harry Hawksbill
Helps His Friends


Bubbles Up

Basic Underwater Photography


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Paul Mila Author & Underwater Photographer
Paul Mila - Writing at his Cozumel Condo
Paul Mila - Author


  Basic Underwater Photography

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Frank Kaufman
Cayman Island Diver & Photographer
Review date: February 22, 2009

“I just returned from Grand Cayman, had a fantastic trip and did much better this time. I got pictures of green morays, turtles, jaw fish, parrot fish, barracudas, fire worms, sting rays, various coral shots, etc. The suggestions in your photo course were great and helped a lot!!!” 


Rob Bomstad
Diver & Photographer
Review date: April 4, 2009

Just the right mix of info and technical information.  I am not a "techie" and your explanations were quite helpful.
Loved the contrasts in pictures (flash vs. no flash - this alone should help someone make camera decisions).
Liked the fact that the book did not feel like a textbook.
I thought it was great for people like myself wanting to venture into the world of UWP without overwhelming us.
Great tips on stalking, getting close, and being a fish - I believe these are key.  I wish I had known this before my three outings - really burned the air.

Phil Humphrey
Cozumel Diver & Photographer
Review date: May 9, 2009
Basic Underwater Photography Review

I received your book and wanted to say thank you.  The information was great for someone as inexperienced I am.
The comparison photos were extremely helpful and the tips on being a "stalker" will be of great assistance on our next dive trip.  The information in the book seemed so basic, and then I realized that there were many things that I have not been doing.  I have already shared this book with some people at our local dive shop who have been shooting pictures for years, and everyone of them found new ways to use their camera. 

Ben Davison
Review Date: June 3,2009
Basic Underwater Photography Review

If you're just getting started or want a refresher course, this just-published manual by writer and photographer Paul J. Mila has everything you need to get good images by using just your camera's automatic settings.